Through a knowledgeable team entirely dedicated to Financial Roadshows and Field Trips, Cardel Group uses the latest technologies to confirm trips with many one components, various agendas, itineraries and ever changing timing.

Thanks to our 350 vetted local partners and our renown expertise, Cardel Group will assist with your international transportation needs, 24/7, 7 days a week. Our affiliates all follow Cardel Group’s code of conduct and the same quality control process worldwide.

Each trip will be supervised from beginning to end, 24/7, 7 days a week, by your dedicated Project Manager who will be your direct contact.

Our fleet of high-end sedans, vans and SUVs is updated every 3 years and cared for by our “Parc Auto” special team and more than ever geared to the future.  Cardel Group has chosen to reduce CO2 emissions by aiming on a fleet of 100% hybrid and electric vehicles by 2025.

Our offices communicate through a common communication tool to ensure fluidity in the transmission of information, with a 24/24 surveillance.

Thanks to our advanced reservation system your project coordinator is able to confirm your booking within 15 minutes and provide driver details and registration plates 48 hours before the event starts.

The day prior to your booking (wherever in the world), a coordinator will double-check all the details of your program such as distance and driving time, pick-up time and pick-up location, itinerary, etc., as well as any local external event that will occur in your city/country of destination. An hour prior to each ride, a coordinator will also confirm all details with each allocated driver.

Cardel Group is known for its expertise and professionalism in transportation services of high-end clients and international CEOs worldwide.  As such, an organic diversification of our services lead us to train our chauffeurs to answer our upscale clientèle needs and offer a larger fleet of vehicles through long lasting contracts.  This personalized approach offers ease of travel, security, confidentiality and cost optimization for companies looking to externalize these sensitive services.


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