When we created our company in 1999, our goal was to offer our clients unique and never before seen experiences.


At that time, it seemed destination management companies only offered limited services to its diversified clientèle. This was especially true for corporate clients who required daily assistance and ever changing specific needs.  Hence our decision to focus on this precise niche by becoming the first French company specializing in international corporate travel at the beginning of the 2000's. The demand was such that success became almost immediate, Cardel Global turning into the most requested vendor by French and European hedge funds and international corporations.

Leader and key forwardthinker in the management of international corporate travels, the Company reached an unprecedented step in its development when it opened its first office in Geneva in 2012. This was soon followed by expansions into New York in 2014 and Los Angeles in 2017, a testament to the trust and confidence bestowed upon us by our clients.


The Cardel Group is now recognized for its expertise at the international level, and considered as a trusted partner; in fact, it was officially rewarded in 2012 and 2019 at the LCT how in Las Vegas.


The digital era is accelerating the world. New technological advancements are at the heart of this global logistical revolution. Our sector is transforming with the promise of a responsible approach to sustainability and environmental impacts.

Being adaptable means always moving forward and always being susceptible to changes in order to become better equipped to tackle pressing challenges or anticipate those to come.


Encouraged by Cardel clients’ growing needs and requests for new services these past few years, more diversification of services followed, with private air management, high-end events production, and a tailor-made personal assistance service: Cardel Global becoming a Global Destination Management Company.


In the current environment, where externalizing services while optimizing costs is associated with a constant request for flexibility, Cardel Group has managed to strategically reposition itself. Loyal to its values and core competencies, the Group has increased its development thanks to innovative solutions in business travels, while opening up new avenues in Sports Management and Entertainment thanks to built alliances with experts in each sector.

Cardel now is the epitome of this renewed vision and managed to consolidate its position as a European leader in Global Management Service.


110 countries and 350 cities around the world

Algeria, China including Hong Kong and Macao, Luxemburg, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Colombia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Malaysia, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, India, Malta, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, The Bahamas, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Mexico, Qatar, Thailand, Bahrain, Denmark, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, Belarus, Egypt, Israel, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bermuda, Estonia,

Japan, Namibia, Uruguay, Botswana, Finland, Jordan, The Netherland, Serbia, United States, Brazil, France, Kazakhstan, New-Zeeland, Singapore, Venezuela, Brunei, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Slovakia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Slovenia, Zambia, Canada, Ghana, Latvia, Oman, South Africa, Zimbabwe, The Caribbean Islands, Greece, Lebanon, Panama, South Korea, Chili, Guatemala, Lithuania, Peru, Spain.