Cardel Global through its main activity of international ground transportation, provides chauffeured services to the leaders of the main European companies.

Therefore, a natural development has been to provide their preferred chauffeurs and the vehicles of their choice to these leaders through year-long contracts.

Feel free to contact our team by email or by phone 24/7 :

(+33) 1 47 31 00 14

Choice of vehicle

In this worry-free solution, everything is externalized: the chauffeurs and their salary, the vehicles as well as their insurance and maintenance, the replacement of either of them when necessary, etc. Thereby, they can relax and prepare for their meetings comfortably, while being assured that confidentiality is preserved.

L’offre de longue durée permet au client de choisir le véhicule qui s’adapte le mieux à ses besoins. Grâce à des relations privilégiées auprès des constructeurs, CARDEL GLOBAL à accès à des offres compétitives. CARDEL GLOBAL, c’est aussi une mission de conseil auprès du client lors du choix du véhicule afin de déterminer le meilleur compromis entre le modèle et la prise en compte de l’aspect environnemental. Les véhicules à faible émission de CO2 seront toujours privilégiés à travers les véhicules Hybrides et Full Electric.


Our position on the market of chauffeured services requires from us to abide by the highest quality standards. To ensure such quality of service on a daily basis, we have set up a four step process :

An account manager in charge and responsible all year long.

Random vehicles and drivers check-ups.

Quarterly communication with our clients so as to adjust to their evolving needs.

Regular internal seminars with our chauffeurs and staff on how we can keep improving our quality of service.