Our integrated public relations marketing approach increases media visibility for the athlete.

Our trusted advisors provide expert guidance to produce quality content for the social media accounts of the athlete.

Our team can create an official website connected to the athlete social media accounts, and manage/create Wikipedia pages.

Our team will build your digital brand through fan engagement and content marketing to improve your social media presence

Our marketing experts work to generate a wide range of branding opportunities and sponsorship interests.

Our team moderate negative comments to create and maintain a positive image on social media.

Growth analysis: our team will send customized dashboards to monitor engagement and followers demographics


Cardel Sports offers comprehensive sports accounting and professional athlete business management services. We help manage your wealth through our team of trusted and exclusive advisors.

Our extensive network allows us to generate multiple and recurrent sponsorship and endorsement opportunities, a must-have for any professional athlete looking to build their brand off the field.

Our team will figure out the athlete position and interests and come up with a cooperative and competitive strategy for your contracts.

Our property sourcing agents act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller, smoothing the deal out, making it better for you and property investors

Our team of experts can help to find a sports medicine physician, taking into account the best medical advice and athlete preferences, as it plays an important role to risk-manage the health of the competing athlete.

We provide personalized support before, during and several weeks after your arrival, allowing you to follow-up on your private and professional administrative process.

From arranging necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), purchasing a new home (accommodation), securing a school for your children (education), identifying a job for your partner/trailing spouse, or selecting and hiring your domestic staff, we accompany you at every key step of your new life.

Professional athletes are often too busy to manage their daily tasks. This is when concierge services make a lot of sense, through the centralization of services by outsourcing time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

At Cardel Sports Management, we assign to every athlete a personal assistant in charge of their daily needs with two main focuses: saving their time and money.

Personalized ManagementDigital StrategyPrivacy & DiscretionDiscipline & ResponsivenessSafety & SecurityCost optimization


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