By outsourcing the daily management of their non-sporting lives to Cardel Group, athletes, through the centralization of their needs, achieve financial optimization and gain precious time, allowing them to focus on their careers.

Professional athletes are often too busy to manage their daily tasks. This is when concierge services make a lot of sense, through the centralization of services by outsourcing time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

At Cardel Sports Management, we assign to every athlete a personal assistant in charge of their daily needs with two main focuses: saving their time and money.

Serene and well-organized journeys to the most beautiful destinations for a pleasant and seamless experience.

Discover the best deals through our expertise in research and negotiation.

From arranging necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), purchasing a new home (accommodation), securing a school for your children (education), identifying a job for your partner/trailing spouse, or selecting and hiring your domestic staff, we accompany you at every key step of your new life.

Our team of experts leverages its extensive network to connect you with top-tier sports medicine specialists worldwide.

Personalized ManagementDigital StrategyPrivacy & DiscretionDiscipline & ResponsivenessSafety & SecurityCost optimization


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