Whether you wish to use our warehousing services to simply store items, or adopt a complete ‘supply chain management’, our team is well equipped to meet your needs.

Our ground transportation solutions are tailored for the needs of modern business, with a professional and experienced team, connected vehicles and high-quality equipment to ensure the quality of our services

We offer tailored company transfer. Each player has a role within the overall time scale so that each step of the relocation can be carried out with the utmost efficiency.

Relocation is often accompanied by the emptying of the site, referred to as “migration”. This post-transfer operation aims to hand over the premises totally empty, while respecting a specific sorting process: – Normal waste – electronic waste –specific waste (such as furniture).

Optimizing your office space with desk sharing is a work arrangement when one workstation is no longer assigned to only one person, but shared among two or three employees, usually working in shifts or in a different pre-arranged manner that allows each of them to have access to the workstation when needed


During the operational phase, your Cardel contact will manage and coordinate all areas of expertise, taking into account the large number of technological and regulatory issues connected with the actual relocation.

After working closely with the client company on the needs expressed by all the staff, our teams work on layout and installation to everyone’s satisfaction.

On our long-term contracts, we also help your company with building and office maintenance, from daily repairs in your building to more specific requests for the well-being of your employees.

We are complying with the ISO Quality Standard 9001-2015 certification and our sustainable facility management is a unique process that gives a facility manager the authority to make structural, architectural, and operational changes to reduce the negative impact of buildings on their occupants and the environment

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